Maximum Exposure = Maximum Price

Investment Capital Real Estate’s comprehensive results-oriented marketing program and open commitment to outside broker cooperation has proven to reach the largest number of potential buyers, sellers, and 1031 exchange investors. As a result, this leads to more qualified offers and a competitive bidding environment with higher net sales prices for clients.

Strategic Marketing Program

  • Public Relations Outreach
  • Property Line
  • National Print Publications
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Fax Announcements
  • Trade Shows
  • Loopnet
  • Costar
  • MLS
  • High Quality Web & Print Materials

ICRE is dedicated to positioning and presenting your property in the best possible light, highlighting every benefit, and creating a compelling story as to why a prospective buyer should acquire the asset. Our marketing campaign will assure that you receive the maximum value for your property.

Sell Your Investment Property